Thursday, February 20, 2020

Nike Sweatshops Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nike Sweatshops - Case Study Example According to the paper the suffering was based on working long hours some up to 13 hours in a day, the overtime was forced upon the employees and not compensated, and there were higher case of child labor encompassing children of even 8 years working for around 9 hours in a day. This was in addition to the extra low wages they were being given which was way lower than the recommended minimum wages in the country as well as being physically punished by the supervisors. From this paper it is clear   that the ethical framework approach ensures a reduction of the suffering mentioned above and increases the benefits that the workers can accrue by working in Nike Inc. especially in the Asian nations of Vietnam, Taiwan where the suffering was in excess. This means starting with the issue of how workers are being treated where they are physically abused by the supervisors. This should be followed by the issue of eliminating completely child labor as this is morally wrong. The issue of working hours and overtime should be addressed according to the international labor laws. This should be followed by the wages being paid to be raised to at least the minimum wage required. In the end, the workers will be happy working for the organization which will in turn increase their productivity as well as save the company from having to use large sums of money paying off the politicians and other health officials to avoid being exposed or inspection of the factorie s. Nike should have first paid the employees for the pain they have caused them all this long. This should have been followed by a public apology from the top management of Nike Inc. who would express their unethical behavior and the changes that would follow.

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