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Kant s Arguments For Space And Time - 1460 Words

Immanuel Kant claims that our concepts of space and time are transcendent and provide a framework for cognition to begin to understand raw sensory input from the outside world. For Kant, space and time are a priori pure intuitions, knowledge existing outside of sensory experience. This paper will further dissect Kant’s arguments for space and time as pure intuitions before making an argument in favor of Kant’s understanding of space and time. Kant’s intuitions are representations given by sensation that provide the beginning for all cognition. Essentially, it is the way in which we receive representations which relate immediately to the object. The distinctions between intuitions and pure intuitions lies in the method of affection. Intuitions spur from the input of sensation whereas with pure intuitions there is no mingling of sensation. Pure sensations are transcendentally ideal meaning they are necessary forms of cognition. In virtue of reason, a transcendental truth cannot be denied and it is not necessary to test since it must be real. Pure intuitions determine exactly how we receive sensory input; they are not empirical and can be viewed more as a process where intuitions are passive experiences that happen to a person. â€Å"Intuition and concepts therefore constitute the elements of all our cognition, so that neither concepts without intuition corresponding to them in some way nor intuition without concepts can yield a cognition. Both are either pure orShow MoreRelatedEvaluating Kant s Intentions For Each Premise1477 Words   |  6 Pagesdetermined in time. P1 can be interpreted a few ways. Dicker in his first interpretation takes his second premise to mean, (P2): I am aware that I have representations in experience that occur in temporal succession (Dicker 195). In other words, I am not only conscious of my experiences; I am also in a position where I recognize the order of my experiences presented by my own mental representations . Ordering representations is only possible if these representations are determined in time. A thing whichRead MoreCapital Punishment Should Be Abolished Essay1293 Words   |  6 Pagesview to argue their case, even though this view can be stretched to fit almost any argument. This paper will explore the use of capital punishment through the view that it is acceptable only in the most severe cases. The death penalty needs to focus on the dignity and the respect of human life; therefore, society needs to fix the existing problems within the legal system. Finally, this paper will explore the views of Kant to help find a solution as to the future of the death penalty. Although the governmentRead MoreHenry Allison s Two Aspect View1153 Words   |  5 PagesHenry Allison s two aspect view differs profoundly from the two world view by introducing epistemic conditions. For Allison, the difference between appearances and things-in-themselves is epistemic rather than ontological. Rather than reflecting two separate realms, phenomena and noumena reflect the structure of the mind.21 The notable distinction here is that rather than the identification of the appearance with the representation, the appearance is associated with the thing-in-itself.22 AllisonRead MoreKantian Ethics And The Categorical Imperative Essay1581 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of Kantian Ethics and critiques In Elements of Pure Practical Reason Book, I, Immanuel Kant, a prominent late Enlightenment Era German philosopher discusses his most famous ethical theory, the â€Å"Categorical Imperative.† The â€Å"Categorical Imperative† is a proposed universal law in stating all humans are forbidden from certain actions regardless of consequences. Although this is the general definition of this ethical theory, the Categorical Imperative† exists in two above formulations, A strictRead MoreThe Argument For The Existence Of God1411 Words   |  6 PagesMy paper scrutinizes numerous logical disputes for and alongside the presence of God. I shall argue that there’s no adequate evidence or inclusive arguments for the existence of God. It is grounded on the views of certain great philosophers and scientists of all of mankind. Generally speaking for myself, I would correspond to have faith that there is â€Å"God†. Regrettably, it’s awfully well-defined that the being built up on insightful faith is no longer a suitable custom to shadow. During the courseRead MoreEssay Kant vs. Mill: Human Rights and Utilitarianism1729 Words   |  7 Pagesand public space of every individual being. One fundamental characteristic of human rights is that they are equal rights; they are aimed at providing protection to every person in an equal way. These rights have been entrenched through laws that are passed by states and international conventions. Human rights laws have evolved over time, and have been shaped by several factors, including philosophical theories in the past. This paper looks at the theories of two philosophers, Emmanuel Kant and JohnRead MoreEssay about If I See A Ghost Are My Senses1652 Words   |  7 Pages IF I SEE A GHOST ARE MY SENSES TO BLAME? To complement the full apprehension of the terms which will be used throughout this argument, a number of meanings taken from The Lexicon Webster Dictionary is provided: GHOST The soul or spirit of a dead person. A disembodied spirit. HALLUCINATION (psy) an apparent perception, as by sight or hearing, for which there is no real external cause, as distinguished from illusion ILLUSION A false impression or belief. False perception or conception of someRead MoreThe Cold War Between America And The Soviet Union Between 1945 And 19801070 Words   |  5 Pagesfactors facilitate the provision of peace in the International system. In this paper, I would discuss what both sides (liberals and realists) believe are the factors, elaborating why I believe Liberals offer a better argument, not forgetting their shortcomings. Due to limited space I would focus on the democratic peace theory suggested by liberalist. Liberalism is the belief in the importance of freedom of an individual, politically (free from tyranny) and economically (free trade), focusingRead MoreConcepts Of The Person : Subjectivity, Identity, And Personhood1836 Words   |  8 PagesImmanuel Kant, â€Å"The Categorical Imperative† Amy Abdelrazeq and Michael Barzach â€Æ' Class Presentation Response to â€Å"The Categorical Imperative† by Immanuel Kant Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher known as the central figure of modern philosophy, was born on April 22, 1724. Philosophers such as Rene Descartes, David Hume, Aristotle, and Plato influenced Kant. Kant was interested in concepts such as what makes a decision moral vs. immoral, the human mind, and understanding space and time. He createdRead MoreDeontology Is A Kind Of Duty Ethics2340 Words   |  10 Pagesrealm of moral permissions, and there is no realm of going beyond one’s moral duty. All the required acts are either forbidden or essential. Some critiques of consequentialism condemn it for alienating and self-effacing moral theory, as there is no space in consequentialism for one’s own projects or his closed ones. For example: If two rooms of a building are in fire and a parents is there to rescue his child, in one room there are more than one children and in other room there is only one child but

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The State of Homelessness in the United States Essay

Homelessness became a huge problem in everywhere especially in the USA. Most people heard homeless people, and they saw homeless people in the streets, markets, or bridges. Most people never try to understand why there is much homelessness. Most people do not know any facts about them seem the truth of homelessness, the state of homelessness in the United States, and the effect on people from homelessness. Many causes become the answers to homeless people. The most easy understanding of homelessness is they don not have houses. Homeless people live in the streets because they do not have a house, but every homeless person does not have a house since he was born is impossible. First, shortage of substance use is the major part for†¦show more content†¦First, government provides housing assistance to low-income families. Low-income families just need pay 30% of their total income for rent. Second, mainstream programs provide a safety net for homelessness. This net makes mainstream programs like housing assistance, welfare, and substance support could provide what homelessness need quickly. Third, Communities created a data system to record information about homelessness. These information could be analyzed to help people know the cause of people become homeless, how long people become homeless, what exactly homeless people need, and the effect of mainstream’s support. Gov ernment already saw some positive influence of these programs. The number of family homelessness decreased 43 percent in Hennepin Country. New York creased 11 percent of homeless families was placed by a permanent housing. (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2010) Although government may try their best to help homelessness, but there is still have a lot of homelessness do not have some supports, and they got effects from homeless. First, homelessness cannot have real health care, and that make homelessness easy to have illness. Homelessness have HIV risk is three times that of ordinary people. Second, the chances of normal children get hungry only half of homeless children. Third, homelessness more easier have mental diseases. (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2010) Homeless is a big problem in the USA.Show MoreRelatedHomelessness in the United States952 Words   |  4 PagesThe purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of poverty on young children and their families. The focus will be on homelessness and how the child is affected in two major settings: the home, or lack of, and school. In both of these settings, children are impacted by different social forces and must push through barriers that are set before them given their circumstance. â€Å"Living without permanent, long-term housing creates a number of stressors for children and families, but being homelessRead MoreIs Homelessness The United States?1384 Words   |  6 Pagesmeant by homelessness in the United States? Homelessness is something that can be temporary or chronic. It is when an individual or family does not have and cannot afford a suitable place to live long term. Things like staying in a shelter, one room facilities (motel) or staying with a family member or friend does not mean you are not homeless. If you cannot afford suitable long term accommodations yourself, then you are considered homeless. When you are referring to youth homelessness they areRead MoreHomelessness : The United States1214 Words   |  5 Pagesmoney to pay to live in their previous homes. Homelessness occurs when people or households cannot afford housing. 3.5 million people yearly experience homelessness in the United States, and it is time to take action to end the suffering of homeless people. The U.S. government should execute plans to make housing low-cost and more jobs that are high-paying to reduce homelessness in the U.S. Homelessness has always been a problem in the United States but just not as widespread as it is now. â€Å"TheRead MoreThe Homelessness Of The United States978 Words   |  4 Pagesin the United States? I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility. As of January 2015 the homeless count in America was 564,708 people (Fluit, 2015). Even though this is a decline in homeless in America this is still unacceptable. As Americans we need to do all that we can to decrease these numbers. There is so much we could do that would go a long way to help our homeless, like donating time or money to the proper organizations. â€Å"In January 2015, 358,422 people experienced homelessness as individualsRead MoreHomelessness Of The United States Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesJessy Clark Dr Iudicello English 102 30 November 2016 Homelessness in America â€Å"On a single night in January 2015, there were 564,708 people experiencing homelessness in the United States. Sixty-nine percent of those who were homeless were in sheltered locations and 31 percent were found in unsheltered locations† (Facts). People living in poverty are most likely have a high risk becoming homeless. Many other reasons why becoming homeless is due to economic conditions such as unemployment and increasingRead MoreHomelessness And The United States863 Words   |  4 Pages Homelessness has always been a present problem in the United States. It is caused by many factors that some of us are not aware of. The situations of these people hurt their families and local communities alike. Two sources were examined for their content on these issues. This essay describes the hardships of homelessness and what can be done to help these people. Helping the Homeless Many people have gotten to experience what life is like in big cities or small ruralRead MoreThe Homelessness Of The United States1803 Words   |  8 PagesEnding Homelessness Homelessness in the United States can be ended, not just maintained. Allot of cities now have plans to eradicate homelessness. Homelessness and housing instability are large issues that afflict a diverse demographic such as: Families, youth, veterans, and chronically homeless single male adults. Ending homelessness may require specialized solutions that are specific to individual needs. Factors like these make defeating homelessness a difficult task. Although solutions existRead MoreHomelessness in the United States Essay1461 Words   |  6 PagesNational Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, â€Å"approximately 3.5 million people are homeless each year, while 36.3 million live in households without enough food.† This statistic only reflects the United States, and to many people, it just doesn’t make sense. For instance Alfredzine Black of the YWCA in Marion, Indiana says, â€Å"I don’t understand why we have so much poverty in the richest country i n the world!† Citizens of the United States have a hard time defining and identifying povertyRead MoreThe Effects Of Homelessness On The United States1218 Words   |  5 Pagesof homelessness with 983 documented homeless individuals according to a 2015 Modesto Bee study and sadly, the amount increases as surrounding areas begin to enforce strict laws. These laws criminalize and relocate homeless folk to our county. There are no exceptions to the cold reality of homelessness: men, women, children, military veterans, individuals, and families are included in the rising numbers of homelessness in Stanislaus County. According to the National Law Center on Homelessness andRead MoreEssay on Homelessness in the United States1520 Words   |  7 PagesHomelessness in the United States During the 1980’s the number of homeless people, those without a house in which to reside, increased at an alarming rate. Many analysts have given much time and thought as to the reasons that this phenomenon occurred. They cite economic instability and government policies with facts and figures to support their work. Beyond the research and cold statistics that explain this event, are the victims, and those that worked to help relieve their hardship. An interview

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PIllow Method free essay sample

As a child I never could empathize with anyone. I could argue, understand, heartily debate a discussion from both sides but show no real love or loyalties to either side. Maybe Im missing the exact definition of empathy; I don’t know. Looking back, I feel like I was living an extremely unusual childhood where learning how to take either side was a matter of self preservation. It wasn’t until I began taking college courses that I learned how to share the feelings of others and actually find a belief of my own to hold on to. I also discovered that as a young girl I was using the technique called the pillow method without realizing that was what I had been doing. Apparently this method was developed by a group of Japanese schoolchildren, and gets its names from the fact that a problem has four sides and a middle, just like a pillow. We will write a custom essay sample on PIllow Method or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page An example of when I used the pillow method was when a friend and I were discussing the laws regarding marriage as a legal right via a popular social networking site. I found faults with his opinion that marriage was a personal choice between two consenting partners as opposed to a government controlled issue. The First Step of the pillow method is taking the Im Right, Youre Wrong stance, which is the first point I usually begin an argument. (regardless of the situation). As we continued talking, I tried to transition into a better, genteel way of getting my viewpoint across. Thereby, causing the conversation to progress to Step two, which is Youre Right, Im Wrong. I thought about everything my friend was saying and why he might think that marriage should not be a legally binding contract. I began to see that he had more valid points to his argument than simply parroting a political partys platform. After that. it was natural enough to carry the conversation to Step Three. In my opinion, Step three is easier to discuss than Step two. Step three is seeing that were Both Right, Both Wrong. At this point in our discussion, My friend and I began to have more of a heated argument but eventually began to compromise. Together we made a list of all the valid points of both sides of the issues verses the weaknesses of our perspective arguments. Throughout the course of the online exchange, we saw that there were a few perspectives that we both agreed on. Eventually we both came to the same conclusion (which was a part of Step four). The final step in applying the pillow method to a conflict, Step four is that The Issue Isnt as Important as It Seems As we continued to talk about marriage as a legally binding contact or a commitment between partners we realized that this was not a situation that we would be dealing with in the near future. Although it is one of todays more controversial subjects among our peers, we were able to see that both sides were correct, and by working together a better, more accurate perspective could be taken into consideration. I feel like after discovering that I have employed the pillow method my entire life, I have no more real empathy than as a child. Once again, it takes college classes to try and to connect on a deeper level with my fellow human beings.

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Macbeth Characters Essays (902 words) - Characters In Macbeth

Macbeth Characters Acts I and II Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and Banquo are all tempted with the witches' prophecies. Horrid images immediately begin to invade the minds of these three characters. However, it is their responses to this and the choices they make that distinguish them from one another and ultimately change lives forever. Macbeth and Banquo respond to the witches' predictions in different ways. Banquo is very skeptical. Although he begs for their prophecy of his future, he is not so taken with their revelations as he says, "Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear/ Your favours nor your hate" (I.iii.60-61). Fair words can mean foul things. Their replies are tempting but he passes them off as only trouble. Macbeth is understandably thrilled at the sudden reality of the truths and becomes obsessed with the idea of being king. He claims to have decided to allow fate to direct his destiny, but their predictions have left a frightening impression in his mind. Banquo uses good judgment believing that the witches represent evil and will bring more harm than good, but the rapid occurrence of events clouds Macbeth's judgment and cause him to fall prey to this deep impatient ambition. From the moment Lady Macbeth reads the letter, she is determined to make the witches prophecy come true. Her mind is an echo of the witches predictions, "Fair is foul and foul is fair"(I.i.10). However, the witches are forces of nature and fate and Lady Macbeth is human. They may have pointed Macbeth in a direction but did not force him to commit to anything as she did. Their predictions only came true because of her push. The quick decisions begin as she plans the ?quickest way' to get Macbeth on the throne. Shakespeare introduces her character as a dominant and controlling wife. Contrary to her heartless nature though, Macbeth addresses her as a pure being because only he knows of her hidden weaknesses. Lady Macbeth's character portrays many rich combinations of personality: evil, manipulating, delicate, kind. Her resolution is so intense that it frightens Macbeth. The sickening determination is expressed with potent imagery in scene 5, "Come to my woman's breast, and take my milk for gall"(I.v.48-49). As soon as she sees Macbeth's apprehensions, she mocks him by implying that he is a coward. She even questions his manhood. Although Macbeth is chilled by his wife's hard attitude, he succumbs to her prodding and prepares to commit to the murder. His goodness and loyalty can be seen as he struggles with the foulness of his ambition. But when the king tells of his visit to their home, Macbeth realizes that the time and opportunity are perfect to quench this "burning of desire" (I.v.3). Banquo and Macbeth's contrasting characters are obvious in Act II. Banquo has some strange uneasiness which makes him unwilling to go to sleep. His nervousness is evident when he hears somebody coming and calls for his sword, even though he should feel safe in Macbeth's castle. Banquo tells Macbeth about his fear to sleep because of the witches' predictions. He is having"cursed thoughts" (II.i.8) and is fearful for Macbeth also. Macbeth bluntly lies and claims that he has thought "not of them" (II.i.22). While Banquo is confiding his private thoughts to his friend, Macbeth is dodging honesty and hints at business that will "make honor" (II.i.26). Banquo, although tempted by the thoughts of his heirs, rejects the prophecies and rationally overcomes the sinful thoughts. He proves his integrity by never truly considering to act of these evil dreams. Banquo maintains a clean conscience and responds cautiously but begins to suspect that something is amiss. Macbeth's character seems to have become more independent at this stage. He has gained a sense of purpose and does not need his wife's demands anymore. However, in the moments before the crime is committed, Macbeth sees visions and seems to have lost his mind. He does not know whether to trust his eyes or his reason: "Mine eyes are made the fools of the other senses, or else worth all the rest" (II.i.44-45). His rationality takes over and the murder is done. He immediately changes once again into a frightened child. Macbeth is nearly driven mad by the horror of his actions but his wife urges him to be practical. Tension is seen when the deed is done and husband and wife exchange sharp, quick words. Macbeth is horrified with what he has done while Lady Macbeth takes a soldier's stance as she says, "These deed must not be